Saturday, March 29, 2008

Universal Love Messenger

For more then seven years, I have trained rigorously with Master Sha as his assistant, student, Assistant Teacher, and business team member. I have traveled to many countries with Master Sha to teach Soul Mind Body Medicine, Soul Wisdom and Universal Service. I saw many hearts touched and opened by his love and teachings. Miraculous healing occurred over and over again. I am truly blessed.

I feel very honored and grateful to serve the mission of Master Sha and the Divine to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls in the universe. Among the many blessings I have received through Master Sha was a Divine Order as the ‘Universal Love Messenger.’ At that time, I made a vow to the Divine that I would dedicate lifetime after lifetime to serve and bring divine love and light to all humanity and all souls in all universes.

It is my honor to share my spiritual journey with you. I offer my greatest love and light to you. Thank you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My soul enlightenment journey

I started to attend Master Sha’s classes and healing sessions. Master Sha's concept of universal service touched my heart so deeply that I made a commitment to follow his teachings. I wanted to be like him - to serve humanity and all souls in the universe unconditionally. I joined all his classes and retreats. I watched many people come and go. Many people were willing and able to sustain the purification process and hold steadfast to stay in the mission to serve. This not only transformed their lives, but also enlightened their souls.

As I had read some of the Taoist or Buddhist books about practicing for one’s entire life to purify the soul, mind and body in order to reach soul enlightenment, I asked Master Sha if I had a chance to be enlightened in this life? Master Sha answered, “Just do your best to serve unconditionally and do not expect results. Some day you will reach soul enlightenment.”

In 2003, one day I was working with Master Sha and he suddenly told me, “I have seen your devotion, commitment and unconditional service to the mission for a while, so I am going to send a Divine Order to enlighten you.” I was stunned. What did I do to deserve this gift? I bowed down to Master Sha right away as tears streamed down my face continuously. I was so grateful and full of joy.

With Master Sha’s teachings and blessings, my dream has come true. A short time later in his Soul Enlightenment Retreat, Master Sha sent a Divine Order to enlighten all participants. He does this at every Soul Enlightenment Retreat. Master Sha has enlightened thousands of people worldwide.

To be continued...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first meeting with Master Sha

By the summer of 2000, I had become very sick and very depressed. Despite having almost everything one could want– money, house, car, family– I felt very empty. I experienced many challenges in my life. I did not know what my life purpose was. I just worked and worked to numb myself. Finally I had lost my desire to live. I stopped working and stayed at home for awhile. I was very tired and sick. My body was swollen and I couldn’t lie down without pain, but I did not want to see any doctor or seek any help. I just wanted to sleep and go back home to Heaven.

One day in October 2000, my friend told me about Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. She had witnessed his incredible healing. She told me that his lecture was very interesting and full of wisdom, and that he was an MD and also a spiritual master. She encouraged me to ask him for help. She also invited me to join a special class in her home with Dr. Sha. At first, I thanked her and refused. After much persistent encouragement from my friend, I finally agreed to see Dr. Sha. I was so surprised to find out that he was much younger than I had thought. According to my friend’s description about his power and wisdom, I imagined him to be an old man. I was amazed. After a few visits to Dr. Sha, I was healed by him, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. My life completely turned around and was totally transformed.

To be continued

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My journey to the west

I was born and raised in Taiwan, Republic of China. I am a Registered Nurse in Taiwan and in the US. I worked as a Public Education Nurse and traveled around the country offering health care teachings. I saw extremely different lifestyles of the poorest and the wealthiest. This taught me to deeply appreciate what I have. It taught me gratitude.

I also practiced nursing in the hospital. I saw many people who suffered physically, mentally and spiritually. I joined a cervical cancer research group for a few years. I saw life and death all the time and learned that life is impermanent.

Many of these patients were filled with sorrow over their diagnosis. I would visit these patients, one by one. My goal was to empower them to transform from hopeless to accepting their reality. After a few minutes or a couple visits, many wanted to live again and were ready to face their illness and challenges. They were empowered to heal by the power of "Love".

In 1974 I moved to the U.S. I have worked in a hospital Intensive Care Unit, nursing home and in-home health care. I saw people suffering in all kinds of settings. The nurses and nurses’ aides would often sing while they cleaned, groomed, dressed and fed the patients. They would do these things with such kindness and joy, despite physical demands and low wages. They were angels. I was deeply touched by their love, care and compassion. The patients receiving their love felt happier and lived longer. While here, I learned that “LOVE” is the key for healing.

To be continued…