Friday, March 28, 2008

My soul enlightenment journey

I started to attend Master Sha’s classes and healing sessions. Master Sha's concept of universal service touched my heart so deeply that I made a commitment to follow his teachings. I wanted to be like him - to serve humanity and all souls in the universe unconditionally. I joined all his classes and retreats. I watched many people come and go. Many people were willing and able to sustain the purification process and hold steadfast to stay in the mission to serve. This not only transformed their lives, but also enlightened their souls.

As I had read some of the Taoist or Buddhist books about practicing for one’s entire life to purify the soul, mind and body in order to reach soul enlightenment, I asked Master Sha if I had a chance to be enlightened in this life? Master Sha answered, “Just do your best to serve unconditionally and do not expect results. Some day you will reach soul enlightenment.”

In 2003, one day I was working with Master Sha and he suddenly told me, “I have seen your devotion, commitment and unconditional service to the mission for a while, so I am going to send a Divine Order to enlighten you.” I was stunned. What did I do to deserve this gift? I bowed down to Master Sha right away as tears streamed down my face continuously. I was so grateful and full of joy.

With Master Sha’s teachings and blessings, my dream has come true. A short time later in his Soul Enlightenment Retreat, Master Sha sent a Divine Order to enlighten all participants. He does this at every Soul Enlightenment Retreat. Master Sha has enlightened thousands of people worldwide.

To be continued...

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