Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first meeting with Master Sha

By the summer of 2000, I had become very sick and very depressed. Despite having almost everything one could want– money, house, car, family– I felt very empty. I experienced many challenges in my life. I did not know what my life purpose was. I just worked and worked to numb myself. Finally I had lost my desire to live. I stopped working and stayed at home for awhile. I was very tired and sick. My body was swollen and I couldn’t lie down without pain, but I did not want to see any doctor or seek any help. I just wanted to sleep and go back home to Heaven.

One day in October 2000, my friend told me about Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. She had witnessed his incredible healing. She told me that his lecture was very interesting and full of wisdom, and that he was an MD and also a spiritual master. She encouraged me to ask him for help. She also invited me to join a special class in her home with Dr. Sha. At first, I thanked her and refused. After much persistent encouragement from my friend, I finally agreed to see Dr. Sha. I was so surprised to find out that he was much younger than I had thought. According to my friend’s description about his power and wisdom, I imagined him to be an old man. I was amazed. After a few visits to Dr. Sha, I was healed by him, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. My life completely turned around and was totally transformed.

To be continued

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