Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My journey to the west

I was born and raised in Taiwan, Republic of China. I am a Registered Nurse in Taiwan and in the US. I worked as a Public Education Nurse and traveled around the country offering health care teachings. I saw extremely different lifestyles of the poorest and the wealthiest. This taught me to deeply appreciate what I have. It taught me gratitude.

I also practiced nursing in the hospital. I saw many people who suffered physically, mentally and spiritually. I joined a cervical cancer research group for a few years. I saw life and death all the time and learned that life is impermanent.

Many of these patients were filled with sorrow over their diagnosis. I would visit these patients, one by one. My goal was to empower them to transform from hopeless to accepting their reality. After a few minutes or a couple visits, many wanted to live again and were ready to face their illness and challenges. They were empowered to heal by the power of "Love".

In 1974 I moved to the U.S. I have worked in a hospital Intensive Care Unit, nursing home and in-home health care. I saw people suffering in all kinds of settings. The nurses and nurses’ aides would often sing while they cleaned, groomed, dressed and fed the patients. They would do these things with such kindness and joy, despite physical demands and low wages. They were angels. I was deeply touched by their love, care and compassion. The patients receiving their love felt happier and lived longer. While here, I learned that “LOVE” is the key for healing.

To be continued…

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